Custom snow removal

No custom snow removal will take place until the contract is filled out and a deposit of $250.00 be submitted to the RM office .   Please note there is a minimum of $70.00 for each time snow is removed.  For more information on snow removal click on link below.


As per Bylaw # 2-2015:

  • When clearing snow from your private property no snow shall be piled on roadway 
  • No snow removed from private property should be anywhere within the road allowance, including the ditch ti a height higher than 1 foot below the lowest part of the roadway.
  • Any person found guilty of these provisions  shall be liable to the penalties imposed by the General Penalty Bylaw of the RM.  As well as be liable for the cost incurred by the RM to  relocate snow piled on the road, ditches or the road allowance.

Snow Ridges and Snow Fences

As per Bylaw # 3-2015:

  • The Council, or its authorized agent, is hereby permitted to enter upon private or crown land adjoining any road allowance or other public highway for the purpose of making snow ridges or erecting a snow fence as a measure to prevent the blocking of roads by snow during winter months.
  • No person shall obstruct or interfere with an agent or servant of the RM engaged in carrying out the above provision.  As well as no person shall pull down, destroy or alter the works carried out.