approach building policy

No person shall construct, relocate, or alter a private approach without  first obtaining a written notice of approval from the RM Foreman.

Applications for approach approval shall be submitted to the RM and will consist of a $50.00 inspection fee along with a completed Application for Standard Approach Approval.

Flags/stakes must be used to mark the proposed location of the approach and be indicated on the completed diagram included on the application form.

  • An application for approach approval under the RM bylaw shall be made by the land-owner or an authorized representative of the owner.

  • If, after completion of an inspection of the proposed construction site, the Foreman is satisfied that an  application for an approach approval complies with the provisions of the RM bylaw, written notice of approval shall be provided by the RM Foreman.  Written notice shall     include any special conditions and the minimum required culvert size.

  • All approaches shall be constructed in conformance with all existing government regulations, RM regulations and comply with the conditions and minimum required culvert size specified in      the written notice of approval.

  • The Applicant shall not commence construction prior to receiving written notice of approval or continue construction after six (6) months from the date of the written notice of  approval or any period shorter or longer as specified within the written notice of approval.  

  • It is the responsibility of the Applicant to allow sufficient time for their  application to be processed prior to the intended commencement date of construction and to complete the construction within the allotted time. 

  • Any costs or inconvenience resulting from delays shall be borne by the Applicant. If cleanup is not completed within the specified period the RM may undertake the work and invoice the land-owner for the costs incurred to the RM, plus a 20% penalty surcharge.