Decommissioning Abandoned Water Well

When a well is no longer in use and is not being properly maintained, the risk of contamination from the surface increases.   

Once a water supply is contaminated, remediation will be costly and time consuming, and is never completely effective. 

Abandoned wells (especially large diameter bored wells) also pose a significant threat to public safety as people, animals and farm machinery have been known to fall into them. 

Abandoned or improperly decommissioned wells can also affect property values and impede a real estate transaction 

As a landowner with an abandoned well, you are responsible for the proper decommissioning of that well. 

As stated in The Ground Water Regulations, “Where the well is no longer in use and is abandoned, the owner shall cause the well to be properly closed in a manner sufficient to prevent the vertical movement of water in it.”  

For more information visit Water Security Agency

Farm and ranch water infrastructure program (FRWIP)

 The Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP) supports the development of secure and sustainable water sources for agriculture use, which includes a funding rebate program.

Well Decommissioning projects are eligible for a rebate of 90 per cent of eligible costs to a maximum payment of $10,000 per project.

Special projects are eligible for a maximum rebate of 50 per cent of pre-approved eligible costs to a maximum payment of $150,000.