overweight permits

Pursuant to The Highways and Transportation Act, the Minister of Highways and Infrastructure (Minister) has the overarching authority to issue overweight and over dimension permits for movement on all public highways, including all roads within a rural municipality.

In 2003, the Minister delegated authority to each RM to issue overweight permits for movement on roads within its respective jurisdiction; this was done by Minister's Order and set the maximum fee for both single trip and annual permits.

The Minister still retains the authority to issue overweight and over dimension permits for movement on all roads within an RM; these permits are issued by SGI.  

The RM of Nipawin has passed a bylaw for the operation of overweight vehicles on municipal roads which includes a permit fee.

If the gross vehicle weight exceeds 54,500 kg or an axle group weight of 27,000 kg then it is a condition of the overweight permits issued by SGI that the permit holder receives authorization from each affected RM for travelling within its boundaries.  

permit fees

$50.00 per vehicle for a single trip

  • $300.00 per vehicle for a permit allowing more than one trip in a twelve month period

permits are not required during the months of December, January & February providing temperatures are below -6 C



The maximum weight a truck can be is dependent on:

  • highway classification
  • maximum registered gross vehicle weight for vehicles
  • tire size and axle spacing

The weight classification map includes all weight classes in Saskatchewan including primary weight highways, 63,500 kg weight highways, 9 month primary weight highways, secondary weight. In addition, the map identifies bridge restrictions, restricted highways and the clearing the path corridor.  

The axle load of a wheeled vehicle is the total weight felt by the roadway for all wheels connected to a given axle. Legal weights and dimensions are needed to balance the capacity and geometric capabilities of the infrastructure with maximum economic benefits while ensuring road safety.    

                                                          Don't Overload the Road Poster and Map  

source: usnews.com

source: usnews.com

Road maintenance agreement

The construction and maintenance of a municipal transportation system is one of the most costly items involved in a municipal budget. When an excessive amount of wear and tear is put on municipal roads, it can cause thousands of dollars in additional maintenance costs.

According to section 22 of The Municipalities Act, a municipal Council may require any person to enter into an agreement with the municipality to provide funds to cover additional maintenance of any municipal road within the municipality.

The RM of Nipawin requires all haulers, hauling goods or commodities over any road in the municipality to enter into a haul road agreement with the RM.  The municipality designates which roads are utilized for the continuous haul, and all haul road fees are submitted to the municipality when the haul is completed or prior to December 31 in each year. 

                                                                                  ROAD MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT