Animal Control


Every municipality in Saskatchewan is subject to the regulations of 

The Stray Animals Act. 

Saskatchewan has a 'closed herd law' meaning no owner shall allow, at any time, any of the animals to run at large. Any person may restrain a stray. If the owner of the stray is known, the finder must immediately notify the owner of the discovery and restraint of the animal. The owner has 12 hours within which to pay the finder the restraining fees and have the strays released. 

If the owner and finder cannot agree on the fees to be paid regarding the restraint, the finder is required to notify the RM Administrator. 

When the stray has not been released to the owner within 72 hours after the owner has been notified, the finder shall deliver the animal to the pound. 

If the finder does not have the necessary equipment or resources to deliver the stray to the pound, the administrator is required to arrange for deliver to the pound. 

The owner is liable for any fees or other compensation payable respecting the stray. 

Administrator: Nathalie Hipkins

Phone: 306-862-9551

Pound-keeper: Brandon Perkins

Phone: 306-276-7849

The pound is located at SE 17-50-13 W2nd